You can create a document, such as a PDF, from any content menu.

  1. Display the content menu of interest:
    1. Select Menus from the Action drop down.
    2. Select the menu from the displayed listing.
  2. Expand the Download section.
  3. Select the output format and document options.
  4. Click Download as document. 
Download document screenshot

Document options

Reference date

The document will show the approved versions of the included pages as at this date. For example, if the reference date is 1 January 2021, the document will show the versions in effect on 1 January 2021: versions approved after that date are not shown.

Show drafts

If selected and the reference date is today, the document will show draft versions in place of approved versions, if a draft exists. If there is no draft, the approved version is shown.

Show changes

If selected, the document will show changes between the version in effect on the reference date and the current version, or the current draft if Show drafts is selected and a draft exists.

Effective pages

If selected, the document will include a List of Effective Pages, as required for some types of certification document. This listing shows, for each Phrontex page included in the document, the page ID, the date approved and the name of the approver.