Collection label

The title for the collection of pages of this type.


Brief description of the purpose and usage of the page type. Users may see this —

  • When they display the list of page types
  • Immediately below the heading when they display a listing of pages of this type, if no explanation page has been specified (see below)

Item label

The label for a single page of this type. In most cases this will be the singular of the Collection label.

Listing surtitle

Text shown above the Collection label when displaying the page type listing. This is optional: generally not needed if the collection label makes it obvious what the user is looking at.

Item surtitle

Text shown above the title when displaying a page of this type. This is optional.

Explanation page

Link to a page providing a detailed description of the purpose and usage of the page type. The content of this page, if provided, will be displayed below the heading when displaying a page type listing.

URL segment

The name shown in the browser address bar when referring to the page type. May contain letters, digits, and underscores only.



The position with overarching accountability for pages of this type. It is up to you to define the meaning of this accountability, for example along the lines of ensuring that the pages are complete, correct, up-to-date, consistent with policy, legal, safe, etc.

If no accountable position is specified, accountability defaults to the user(s) with System Owner authority.

Permission - View
Permission - Edit
Permission - Approve

The names of the User Selections that specify the users with permission to view, edit, and approve pages of this type. These permissions may be overridden for individual pages of the type.

See Permissions