Create a new content menu

  1. Select Menus from the Content drop-down. The existing list of menus is displayed.
  2. Select New menu from the Content drop-down.
  3. Enter the title. Users will see this title:
    • in the Menus listing
    • in the selection list for choosing the menu
    • as the suggested file name if they download the menu as a document.
  4. Enter a description (optional). Users will see this in the Menus listing.
  5. Select the position with accountability for the content of this menu (optional). This may be important if the menu can be downloaded as a document with compliance significance.
  6. Construct the menu content.

Construct or edit a content menu

  1. Add items to the menu:
    • Headings: drag an existing heading from the existing menu, or drag the Heading button; then enter the heading text.
    • Page types: drag a page type entry from the existing menu, or drag the Page Type button; then set the listing type. See Listing types .
    • Page tags: drag the Tag button; then enter the page tag(s) that you want to show.
    • Page: drag the Page button and select a page or drag the page from the displayed menu
  2. Drag the entries within the selection area to change the order and indent levels.
  3. To remove an item: drag it out of the selection area or select it and press delete.
  4. When you are happy with the menu content, click Apply changes. The edited content will become the menu as users see it.

Screenshot: menu editing