You can use tags to identify pages that are relevant to a particular issue or topic. For example, you might tag all the pages relevant to a compliance requirement: a policy, some activities, and a position statement.

To tag a page

  1. Display the page.
  2. Select Properties from the Action drop-down.
  3. Enter one or more tags, separated by a space. A page can have any number of tags.

Using page tags

You can use page tags in these ways —

  • You can have a menu heading under which are listed all the pages with a tag. See Menus.
  • When creating a page, you can insert a link to the pages with a given tag. This link may be displayed as list of cross-references to the tagged page, or the content of the tagged pages. See Links.

In both cases, if tags are added or removed the displayed list will be updated automatically.

Tip: tags cannot contain a space.  For example, “ISO 9001” would be considered two tags.  Use “ISO9001” instead.