It is sometimes useful to have a page type that any user can create, but which, once created, becomes confidential.

For example, you might create a page type as register of Incident Reports. Any user can report an incident by creating a page of this type; but once created and approved, the page is visible only to the incident management team.

To create a user confidential page type

  1. Create a new page type, or select an existing page type.
  2. On the page type properties page:
    1. Set the view, edit, and approve permissions for the users who may access the page once it is created (for example, Senior Management or Incident Management Team).
    2. Set User confidential.
  3. (Optional) Create an alert to notify the approved users whan a new page of this type is created.


For a user who does not have normal view, edit, or approval permission for the page type:

  1. The user can create a new page of this type.
  2. While the page remains a never-approved draft, the user can view and edit it. 
  3. When the page is first approved it ceases to be visible to the user.