The Page properties screen shows the metadata for the current page.



  • Draft: There is a draft version of the page, and no approved version.
  • Approved: There is an approved version of the page.
  • Historic: Page has been withdrawn from use. There is at least one historic version, and no approved or draft versions.

Page type

Changing the page type may change the location of the page in the menu, if pages of the old or new type are listed in the menu as a register.


  • Custom property values defined for the old page type are not retained
  • Changing the page type may change the view, edit, and approve permissions for the page. If the page permissions are inherited from the page type properties, then following the change the page permissions will be those for the new page type.


The position accountable for this page. If set, the page will be listed on the position definition page. It is up to the organization to define the significance of this accountability.


A space-separated list of words that can be used for page selection. See Page tags for tips on using page tags.

Required knowledge

Select the user groups for whom this page is required knowledge. See Required knowledge for notes on how this selection is used.


This value, if provided, is used when listing pages of one type in the menu. Pages are normally listed alphabetically; use ordering values if some other sequence would be more helpful to your readers. The value can be left empty, or be any positive integer up to 100,000. Pages with the same ordering value are listed alphabetically.


Set the view, edit, and approve permissions for the page, to follow or override the permissions for the page type.


This tab lists the references to the page from elsewhere in the system.