You can insert graphics, videos, audio files, and organization charts into your pages. Graphics, videos, and audio files can be files that you upload to Phrontex, or you can link to files stored elsewhere, such as YouTube videos.

To insert a graphic, video, audio file, or organization chart

  1. Select the position in your page.
  2. Click Insert graphic from the toolbar.
  3. Select the type of object you want to insert.
  4. For graphics, videos, and audio files —
    • Select the file to upload, or
    • Select External URL and enter the URL for the file
  5. For an organization chart: select the top-level page and the number of levels of detail. See below.
  6. Enter the details and select the layout.


There are four layout options —


The graphic is treated as text, within your current paragraph. This is best suited for small images such as icons, or for graphics in a table cell with no other content.

Graphic left, text right
Graphic right, text left

The graphic is to left or right, with caption below and area for text along side.


The graphic is in the center of the page with caption below.

Organization charts

An organization chart is a graphic presentation of the hierarchy of pages of one type. You can create an organization chart for any page type with a parent field that references another page of the same type. Position pages, for example, have a Reports to field referencing the position's superior. The same technique can be used for procedures and sub-procedures, or for legal entities and their subsidiaries within the corporate structure.

You specify an organization chart by selecting the top-level page and the number of levels to include. You don’t have to start with the top-most page of the type. For example, you might want to create a chart showing the positions just within a single department: the top-level page would be the department head.

If the page type also includes a reference to people (system users), then their names will be included in the chart.

Organization charts always display the current pages. If any page of the displayed type is updated, (for example if the position title, Reports to, or position-holder is changed) the organization chart will be redrawn to show the change.

YouTube videos

To embed a YouTube video –

  1. In YouTube, browse to the video then either —
    • Right-click the video and select Copy video URL. It will look something like
      — or —
    • Copy the content of the browser address bar. It will look something like
  2. In Phrontex —
    • Select Insert graphic
    • Select Video
    • Check External URL
    • Paste the link you copied

WCAG compliance

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines specify that you should provide text alternatives for non-text content that conveys information (WCAG 2.1 text alternatives). Two simple methods supported by Phrontex —

  1. Record an audio file that explains your graphic. Embed that in your page immediately before or after the graphic.
  2. Create a separate page in which you write an explanation of the graphic. Link to that page with the link formatted as a popup.

In both cases, make sure the link to your explanation is clearly labelled as such.