You can add custom fields to any page type, to record additional items of data — such as dates, numbers, or look-ups — with each page of the type. These fields can then be used:

  • to organize the pages in the menu
  • to trigger notifications

A custom property can be a:

  • date
  • number
  • look-up

You can use custom properties to create hierarchical menus.  For further explanation see the section on Structured listing on the Listing types page.

Adding and editing a custom property

Navigate to the listing page for the page type.  You may be able to do this directly from the menu or

  • from the content drop-down select Page types
  • from the list of page types, select the one to edit

While viewing the listing page, from the content drop-down select Custom properties and review the existing properties

To edit, select the existing custom property or

To create a new custom property, select New custom property

First choose a label (name) for this property at the top of the page.

Configure the other field properties under General and Settings:


Internal Name may not contain spaces

May be viewed - default is on.  Change to off if this field should be hidden.

May be edited - default is on which will allow anyone that can edit the page to change this value.  

May be listed - default is on.  Turn this off for an old field that is not longer relevant.  To include a custom field in a listing page, see Listings Pages

Description fields are optional and can be the same.


Value type is the key field which allows you to choose a date, text, number, URL and other fields.  Depending on the value type, other fields will display or hide. 

Required - set this to true if the field cannot be blank

Unique - sed this to true if every page must have a different value, such as an ID code

Delete a Custom Property

Navigate to the custom property as above.  

From the content drop-down, you should see an option for Delete <property>, where “property” is name or lable of this property.

To confirm, select Delete from the pop-up. This will delete all data in the custom property field and remove it.