To create a new page

  1. Select New page from the System drop-down.
  2. Select the page type. If the page type has an associated Template , that will be used, otherwise you will start with a blank page.
  3. If necessary, add the page to the menu. (The menu settings determine which page types are added automatically and which must be added explicitly. ) See Menus

To edit an existing page

  1. Display the page.
  2. Select Edit from the Content drop-down.

Using the editor

The editor is deliberately simple, so there’s very little to learn. There are no controls for setting fonts, font sizes, or colours, because styling is automatic. This ensures that all pages have a consistent look and feel regardless of who created them. (And anyone with competence to be adding content to a Phrontex system is too valuable to be spending time formatting pages.)

The editor provides these functions —

image of the Undo and Redo buttons

Undo (ctrl-z) and redo (ctrl-y)

Image of the clipboard buttons

Clipboard: cut (ctrl-x), copy (ctrl-c), and paste (ctrl-v). Note: some browsers (such as Firefox) do not support toolbar access to the Paste function, in which case the Paste button is not displayed. Use ctrl-v to paste.

Image of the paragraph styling selector

Paragraph styling —

  • Paragraph text: this is the default, used for all normal content (ctrl-0)
  • Label: use this for incidental text such as column headings in a table (ctrl-9)
  • Heading, Sub-heading, List heading (ctrl-1, ctrl-2, ctrl-3)
  • Highlight: use sparingly, for notes, warnings, and cautions (ctrl-4)
  • Incomplete work: use for content that you’re still working on or that needs input from someone else (ctrl-5)
  • Fixed: use for computer terminal text (ctrl-6)

Image of the character styling buttons

Character styling (ctrl-b, ctrl-i, ctrl-u)

Image of the bullets and numbering buttons

Bulleted and numbered lists

Image of the item numbering button

Item numbering: use this function to apply numbering to headings and paragraphs. The numbered items need not be adjacent.

Image of the paragraph alignment buttons

Paragraph alignment

Image of the insert link button

Insert a link, as a hyperlink within the text of the page or as a clickable hotspot on a graphic. You can link to any page, listing, download, or attachment within your system, or to an external URL.

You can also use links to include the content of a target page, for example to embed a definition or boilerplate text.

Note: you can also add links by dragging the target from the menu and dropping it into the text of your page or onto a graphic.

See Cross-references.

Image of the insert object button

Insert a graphic, video, audio file, or organization chart. See Graphics, videos, organization charts.

Image of the insert special character button

Insert a special character. See Special characters.

Image of the insert table button

Insert a table. See Tables.

Image of the insert activity chart button

Insert an activity chart. See Activity charts.

Image of the insert row button

Insert a row into a table or process chart.

Image of the insert condition button

Insert a 'condition’ row into a table or activity chart. This row has a single cell spanning the full width of the table or chart.

Image of the insert divider button

Insert a divider row into a table or activity chart. This draws a line across the full width of the table or chart.

Image of the move row buttons

Move the current row up or down

Image of the move column buttons

Move the current column left or right


The editor automatically makes these changes as you type —

straight quotes to open and close quotes

Single and double quotes are converted to open and close quotes

hyphens to en- and em-dash

Two consecutive hyphens are converted to en-dash. Three consecutive hyphens, or en-dash plus hyphen, are converted to em-dash

Two initial capitals

If the first two letters of the first word of a sentence are capitals and the third letter is not, the second letter is changed to lower case.

Note: auto-correction is not applied to paragraphs with the Fixed style.