The system drop-down has actions for listing and updating system types. The options on this drop-down are shown only if you have permission to view them. The drop-down itself is not shown if you do no have permission for any of its options.

Users and user groups


Display the list of user accounts. See Users.

User groups

Display the list of user groups. See User groups.

System types

Page types

Display the list of page types.


Display the listing of menus. Each menu defines a structure of some or all pages, arranged with whatever  headings and sub-headings you need. The pages selected by a menu can also be downloaded as documents. See Menus.


Display the files that have been uploaded to your system. This includes graphics embedded within your pages, and attachments.


Alert settings

Display the list of alerts that have been defined for your system. See Alerts.

Alerts scheduled

Display the listing of alerts that have been created but not yet issued to users. Some alerts may be scheduled well into the future.

Alerts issued

Display the listing of alerts that have been issued to users. 


System settings

Display and update the settings that govern how the system operates. See System settings

Audit trail

Display the history of actions that have been carried out on the system: who did what, and when.