Page Comments

Allowing staff to provide feedback, especially regarding safety, may be a requirement.  Even if it is not mandatory, it is good practice to allow feedback from the users reading the page.

By default, all users can comment on a page using the Comments box at the bottom.  

All new comments are captured in the audit trail and may cause an alert to the page owner or others.  See Create and edit alerts for how to configure this.

A user with edit access can add a comment to a draft page.

Viewing page comments

All current comments on a page will show in date order at the bottom of the page.

Once archived, comments remain on the historical version of the page.  

Clearing page comments

By default, approving a new version of the page will Archive all comments.  This is controlled by a checkbox on the approval pop-up.

Archived comments will no longer show at the bottom of the page.

Delete and archive comments

Comments that you create will show links to Delete and Archive. The archive function is instant while the Delete function requires confirmation.

Approval Comments

When approving a page, the user may add a comment.