The drop-down menus give access to the functions for working with your Phrontex system. Which drop-downs are displayed, and what options they contain, depends on the type of content currently displayed and on your permssions.

Content drop-down icon

Content drop-down

The Content drop-down shows the available actions for the currently displayed content: in general, to display its content and properties, to update or delete, and to view its history.

See Content drop-down

System drop-down icon

System drop-down

The System drop-down gives access to the various system types such as users, user groups, and menus.

See System drop-down

Support drop-down icon

Support drop-down

The Support drop-down gives access to options to help you get the most our of your Phrontex system: get a tour of your desk-top, ask for help, or schedule a live tutorial.

See Support drop-down

User drop-down icon

User drop-down

The User drop-down gives access to options relating to your own use of the Phrontex system, including profile, alerts, and history.

See User drop-down