You can attach files to any of your pages, for your users to download.

  • Attachments are listed at the foot of the page when the page is viewed.
  • You can cross-reference an attachment as a link from any page. When the user clicks the link, the attachment is downloaded. See Links.

The content of an attachment is included in the search index if the text of the attachment file is accessible, as is the case for most PDFs and office documents.

To add an attachment

When editing, select the file to attach, or drag-and-drop; then enter these details —


This is the text displayed to the user in a link to the attachment.


This is displayed to the user in the list of attachments, and as the mouseover text in a link to the attachment.

Save as

This is the name that will be used or suggested for saving the file when it is downloaded.

Link ID

This value identifies the attachment for linking purposes.

This becomes important if you upload a new version of an attachment. For example —

  1. You create page A with an attachment, with link ID attachment_1.
  2. On page B, you insert a link to that attachment. This link will download the attachment from page A with link ID attachment_1.
  3. Some time later you need to update the attachment. You edit page A and upload a new file. You delete the original attachment or change its link ID; then give the new attachment the ID attachment_1. The link on page B will now download the new attachment.

The attachments on any one page must have different link IDs.

Attachments and view permissions

Permission to download an attachment is determined by the view permission of the page to which the attachment was uploaded.